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6 Smokeless Methods of Cannabis Consumption You Should Try Today

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Written By Alina Bance.

July 26, 2021

Smokeless Methods of Cannabis Consumption You Should Try Today

The majority of people are adopting medical cannabis treatment as a safer alternative to several first-line medications. But there is still a lingering stigma surrounding medical cannabis use and consumption methods.

We all know about Medical Marijuana, and most of us have heard a lot about it. Its Pros and cons and other essentials. But when it comes to medical cannabis consumption, smoking marijuana is the second most considering factor. People are more afraid of choosing medical cannabis due to the fact that its popular consumption method is smoking.

But do you know that several other safer alternate methods are not harmful at all and provide you with the same relief? Yes. Several other medical cannabis consumption methods can help you. If you are searching for a reliable consumption method, then you have come to the right place.

Here we have compiled all the safe and effective medical cannabis consumption methods that can help you deal with your medical condition. Read the blog till the end and choose the right one for you.

Alternative Methods to the Medical Cannabis Consumption


Vaping medical cannabis is a safer alternative than smoking. It is a safe consumption method because the cannabinoids vaporize at a much lower temperature. Smoking is considered as hard on the lungs and may cause some harmful effects on the lungs.

Conversely, the vapors are much easier on the lungs that means they do not affect it the way smoking does. Dabbing is a well-known vaping form with potent hits. Moreover, vaping prevents certain terpenes and several other compounds from burning. And therefore, vaping delivers a flavorful cannabis consumption experience to marijuana patients.

Ingestible Oils

The ingestible oils are indeed a happy source of cannabis consumption. The ingestible oils can be swallowed and digested just like an infused item. These oils can be easily put in easily ingested capsules or can be eaten. Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is a popular oil that has been used to treat skin cancer.

The RSO oil is made by extracting the curative cannabis compounds with alcohol, evaporating the solvent, and then later leaving behind a tar-like substance resembling oil.

Vaporizers produce less marijuana smell than smoking

Medical Cannabis dissolving Oral strips

Medical cannabis strips are a new product in the market, and people are not much familiar with them. The cannabis strips are no bigger than the size of a thumbnail and as thinner as rolling paper. Wondering how this compact cannabis product size will leave an effect on a patient’s body?

Despite the cannabis strips’ thin size, each strip can contain a minimum of 5 mg of THC, which can be exceeded to a maximum of 100 mg. Strange right? Indeed. The strips are odorless and have been liked by several patients seeking relief in natural remedies.


Marijuana edibles are usually available in the form of pizzas, gummies, chocolate bars, and several other beverages. So you can enjoy medical marijuana’s therapeutic effects by the consumption of the items of your choice.

You will find a wide range of medical cannabis edibles with different concentrations of CBD and THC levels. Edibles are considered safer than smoking as you don’t have to inhale the smoke, and so you will not be exposed to the harmful chemicals.

However, it is essential to note that medical cannabis edibles take a longer time to get absorbed in the bloodstream. But once they are absorbed, they can last longer. Therefore, edibles can be a perfect choice if the patient is looking for safe and long-lasting relief.


Tinctures are the medical cannabis extracts that come with dropper bottles. With the help of dropper bottles, you can easily control the appropriate dosage. Tinctures generally contain the decarboxylated marijuana form.

Decarboxylation refers to the process of activating the essential chemical compounds in the marijuana herb. Tinctures can be infused with several options, including glycerine or alcohol. And you will be amazed to know that alcohol-based tinctures usually provide fast action.

These medical cannabis products can be acquired sublingually, and you need to mix them with the food products at home. The tinctures are usually available in an extensive range of flavors and potencies that the medical cannabis users can choose the best one according to their requirements. Tinctures can last years if stored properly.


Do you apply regular moisturizers or creams to your skin? Well, everyone does that. Topical is also the same. These are the cannabis products that can be directly applied to the skin. The patients searching for relief from the inflammation or pain usually prefer this form of consumption.

Cannabinoids present in the topical are responsible for binding the receptors in the endocannabinoid system in the patient’s body. The plus point of choosing the topical is that most topicals do not reach the bloodstream, which is why they don’t deliver the high effects. But the transdermal patches can reach your bloodstream, so the chances are rare that you will experience any psychoactive effects.

Now comes the apparent concern that from where you can get topical, the cannabis topical in the form of lotions, balms, or creams is available at the state-licensed dispensaries. You can choose any as per the doctor’s recommendation.

Can I Directly Buy Medical Cannabis Products?

No, you cannot directly access medical cannabis products. Instead, just like the other potent medicines for which you need the doctor’s recommendations, the same way you need a doctor’s recommendation to purchase the cannabis products from state-licensed dispensaries.

The medical doctor will evaluate the need to access medical marijuana treatment and then only recommend it. You can obtain a Medical Cannabis Card in your state only if your medical doctor approves it. And once you get the approval, you will get the card, and then you can purchase the products you need.

Well, if you are thinking of finding a medical doctor who will provide you with the recommendation, then you don’t need to struggle at all as you can get evaluated and access the whole procedure from your home’s comfort only. There are ample online service providers that can get it delivered to your doorstep.
But wait, the essential catch here is the service provider must be a legitimate one. Confused? Please don’t. We are sure that by the end of the blog, you will get your one-stop solution.

Bottom line!

Post legalization of medical cannabis, there are chances of the evolution of more smokeless methods of cannabis consumption. As the health benefits of medical cannabis are revealed, more people are adopting medical cannabis treatment. We hope that with this blog, your confusion about the medical marijuana consumption methods got clear, and you have got your answer and alternate for smoking.

A single consumption method cannot hide all the other health benefits of the plant. For example, there are side effects of other medications as well, but we never take a note of it as we find relief from it and the same way medical cannabis can work. But due to the controversial status, it is essential to take legal permission for its consumption.

A Medical Marijuana Card can be a standalone solution to provide you with the legal permissions to consume, possess and purchase medical cannabis. Are you looking to get one? My MMJ Doctor can be a reliable stop for you. Obtain a Medical Cannabis card and treat your health condition with a safer alternative.

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